As I am writing this I am sitting by the ocean listening to the waves.  I am at a gorgeous villa in Mexico at a teambuilding getaway with a few top leaders in my company.  There is nothing better in this moment than this community and mentorship.  These women know my story.  These women know my dreams.  These women know that all is possible for me as it has proven to be for them.

What I loved most about owning my brick and mortar stores was the community that we built!  I loved making women feel good with corrective aesthetic treatments, organic skincare and perhaps a new lip color!  Over time I started to see the retail model change.  The territory “exclusives” that existed with many of my vendors began to not matter as customers at times chose to purchase online or from big box stores that accepted returns on used product.  This imbalance led to my initial exploration of owning an online “virtual franchise”.

Social entrepreneurship can bring lasting and significant social change!  It is about bringing change to the world in a real way.  For me this is about partnering wellness and technology to make people’s lives better!  As our society becomes more aware of supporting positive change, there are increasingly more opportunities for dynamic, philanthropic and forward thinking entrepreneurs to step into the spotlight!  The future is BRIGHT!