When I had just started my cosmetic companies I had a very special client.  She, herself, was a very successful businesswoman.  I found myself in a position seeking additional financing to expand and she told me a story of how someone once believed in her and lent her funds to start building her dreams as an entrepreneur.  She offered me a small loan which we had drawn up in a contract.  In addition to repaying the loan, there was one condition to the agreement … that I one day do the same for another female with a dream.  

As my companies grew, I kept my word to her and thrived on mentoring my employees.  I love seeing how each has now grown into their own careers … many still being in the beauty industry!  

My passion now is taking this to deeper levels by teaching people to teach people to teach!  There is nothing like the feeling of inspiring just ONE person to step into their greatness!

Female entrepreneurship can lead to amazing social change, leaving women financially empowered and independent.  This leads to increased confidence and happiness in women.  I love seeing women thrive as they achieve.  Not only does their self esteem increase but also their overall well being!